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October, 22 - 24 2012 - Washington, DC - USA

WG3 – ReDes/Technologies

Terms of reference

The III Network of Developers and Work Group Technology meeting aims

  • Strengthen the network of developers and technical staff from VHL and associated networks;
  • Promote the upgrading and innovation of scientific and technical information products and services of the VHL and its associated networks collaboratively;
  • Respond to recommendations of BVS Encuentros 2011 as well as the implementations challenges  related to the eHealth Strategy and Plan of Action (2012-2017).

Specific objectives 

  • Identify, prioritize and implement actions that can contribute to overcome the problems identified on the evaluations and recommendations from VHL Meetings, available onhttp://bvsencuentros2011.bireme.org/?page_id=499;
  • Promote the continuously development of interoperability among information sources and flows from the VHL and associated networks, as well as the accessibility and mobility of their interfaces;
  • Establish the use and dissemination of standards, process and tools of collaborative and participative work for the developers from VHL and associated networks.
  • Mobilize people, groups and institutions to participate in the collaborative development of information products and services from the VHL and associated networks.

Discussion topics

The following topics will be discussed according to the defined objectives and expected results of the meeting, including the recommendations from VHL Meetings 2011.

  1. Content Management Systems
  2. NoSQL
  3. Search engines and VHL content indexing
  4. Interoperability among information sources and flows from VHL and associated networks
  5. Digital repositories, open data and digitalization
  6. Library automation
  7. Data mining and text mining
  8. Accessibility
  9. SaaS (Software as a Service) e IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  10. Governance, portal, open source and RedDes communication channels


The target audience is IT professionals who use and collaborate on the development of technological and methodological solutions for VHL and associated networks. It is also welcome professionals from other knowledge areas with interest of participating on these discussions to collaborate with vision of analysis of current situation and proposals of solutions.


The official language of the meetings will be Spanish. However, there may be participants speaking in Portuguese or English without simultaneously translation.