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October, 22 - 24 2012 - Washington, DC - USA

WG2 – Products and Services

Terms of reference

The objective of Working Group Products and Services (WG2) is to promote a debate about the products and information services of the VHL that contribute to the access and the use of scientific and technical information at all levels of health (management, research, education and care). The discussions will be based on the recommendations resulting from the BVS Encuentros 2011 and contextualized in eHealth Strategy and Plan of Action (2012-2017) for the LA&C Region

Specific objectives

  • To systematize the main identified challenges related to the quality of the products and services of the VHL;
  • To characterize the identified challenges – causes, consequences, context, indicators;
  • To propose ways of implementing the priority solutions, taking into account the participation of the Network;
  • To identify and prioritize solutions to meet the challenges.


The audience of this GT2 are the professionals responsible for the construction and operation of the VHL and sources of information in countries and institutions, and other professionals who identify themselves with the theme being discussed.


The official language of the GT2 is Spanish.